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Introducing Crimscote Solar Farm 

Regener8 Power is proposing to develop a 48 MWp solar farm and battery storage facility on 58 hectares of land at Crimscote near Alderminster, CV37 8UF. 

The solar farm would generate approximately 56,400 MWh of clean renewable electricity per year by using photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. 56,400 MWh is enough clean electricity to meet the energy needs of around 15,670 homes. The solar farm will also result in a CO2 saving of over 25,900 tonnes per annum*. (* Source: Renewable electricity output and energy conversion calculators, Scottish Govt. )

The proposals also include provision for an on-site battery storage system that will supply renewable electricity to the local grid at times of peak energy demand, providing security to the UK’s energy supply. 

The proposed solar farm is temporary – after 40 years the land will revert to its previous state, leaving no evidence that it once produced renewable energy. During its time in operation the farm will provide a perfect habitat for wildlife to flourish and the site can still be used for grazing. 

Regener8 Power Limited
  • Electricity for 15,670 homes
  • Removing 25,900 tonnes
    of CO2 each year
  • 56,400 MWh of clean
    renewable electricity

Crimscote Solar Farm Location

The proposed 58 hectare site is located at Crimscote near Alderminster, CV37 8UF. 

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Regener8 Power Limited is a cleantech company which develops and invests into renewable energy projects globally.

Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in origination, financing and construction of projects within the clean energy sector and has collectively been involved in the successful execution of more than 1 GW of clean energy projects including technologies such as Wind, Solar PV and Energy Storage.